Column Render issue when using FixedColumns and custom Renderer

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When you have an initial column that is setup to use a customrender and you have the setting of fixedColumnsLeft configured where the custom column should be fixed, if the contents of the page require scrolling, the contents of the custom column disappear. If you click to edit some cell, the data re-appears.

It sounds complex, but it’s easy to replicate using your own test page. Goto thiis page:

Then simply, add the following attributes to the settings:
fixedColumnsLeft: 2,
height: 100,

Setting the height to 100 will cause the scroll bar to appear.

Then simply scroll down and notice the data in the first 2 columns disappears.

Hoping you can find a fix!

Hey @mhennessy7

That’s a cool demo! I’d love to see a color picker cell type in Handsontable one day.

Can you send over a recording? It doesn’t do anything odd on my Chrome 79/ Windows 10 with or without the height definition.

Did you also set fixedColumnsLeft: 2 ?
I will try to post a recording

Here’s a short video clip showing the data disappear when scrolling.
YOu need to set BOTH fixedColumnsLeft AND Height


OK. wait! I got it :slight_smile: I just need to make the window smaller.


When I use the scrollbar with the mouse it’s OK but once I place a mouse cursos on the fixed area and scroll with a mouse ball data disapears.

I will investigate the subject and get back with news.

The first conclusion is the fact that it might be related to hot column capabilities cause once I remove the color picker and use a renderer inside the hot column data does not disappear