Column width issue (not adjusted to the content)

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The column width is not adjusted to the width of the content.
All rows should be single line.

It was tested in the latest version43


const container = document.getElementById(‘example1’);

const data = [
[‘가가가 (1-1)’],
[‘나나나 (1-2)’],
[‘이나나 (1-1)’],
[‘이가가 (2-2)’],

const hot = new Handsontable(container, {
startRows: 5,
startCols: 5,
height: ‘auto’,
width: ‘auto’,
colHeaders: true,
licenseKey: ‘non-commercial-and-evaluation’

Hi @kim.hyunhak

Please check if adding

  autoColumnSize: {
    samplingRatio: 10,

fixed the issue. It is an optimization of the code sampling to get the first three rows as a sample. In most of the cases, it works without changing the sampling. But if it does not, it’s the first thing to check.

Reference in the documentation:

Hi @kim.hyunhak

did my tip help?