Complex cells with popup UI (like Airtable)

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hi guys,
take a look at you can see an embedded sheet.
Especially the columns: “Funds” and “Currency” - you can see “expand” next to each cell. This expands the cell as a popup modal, with rich data about the cell… or related cells.

We would like to have such functionality for two reasons:

  1. it becomes easier for someone to enter data as a form rather than a spreadsheet row in some cases
  2. viewing data is amazing.

Other people have asked for this request in different ways. e.g. - Display large values in modal dialog
Form Popup for Edit

@aleksandra_budnik in Form Popup for Edit you had mentioned that this is planned. any hope for this ? This is a pretty popular request it seems.

Hi @sss

I can see that, as always, you did a serious research.

Yes, there was a post where I have added a simple example of how to open a window it is pretty simple and does not look pleasant but it works. We currently do not have any similar built-in feature, however, I can agree that it is a good idea and can be the best choice for many projects.

On Monday we are having a Planning Meeting but as far as I know in Q2 we will keep switching to Babel (as there are some necessary tasks related), we’ll build the Angular 2 wrapper and of course fix existing bugs. On our Roadmap for 2017 you can see some ideas for Q2 (we are not planning things further) and I cannot, unfortunately, see any similar issue.