Confirm before paste data

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Hi, I want to show dialog confirm on paste data.
Confirm dialog have 2 button (Cancel/OK) (Currently, I use Element UI for showing dialog)
Click Cancel: Do not paste data
Click OK: Paste data
How can I do that ?
Thanks In advance !

Hi @khanguyen96

in your condition for the Cancel button you need to return false in the beforePaste hook

beforePaste: function(){
  	return false

The function beforePaste do not waiting for click button OK/Cancel. It’s alway paste data. You can check at this link

Hi @khanguyen96

you need to disconnect the Handsontable paste by returning false. Then you need to pass the data inside the “Ok” part, like here with the use of populateFromArray method.

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Thank you so much, it works perfectly !

I’m glad to hear that it works for you. If you would need anything else please feel free to open a new ticket or send me an email to