Congratulations on launching hot pro! what's included in the delivered package?

I started using handsontable 3 months ago. It’s a wonderful product in many ways. Congratulations on launching the pro version. A few questions about the delivery package.

  • The package contains all source code including plugin source code, right?
  • Is the structure of the package like what I cloned form open source HOT github repository which has the grunt, jasmin test, .etc

I have a few customizations (plugins) on the open source version, what to make sure it can be moved to the PRO version easily.

Thanks for all the good words:)

As for your questions, yep, the package contains the raw source code. To get all the files just like you mentioned (tests, grunt etc.) you need to buy the license, log in to your account and download it via Bower or SSH.

If you have any custom plugins, they should work automatically. Download the package, copy your plugins to the proper directory and build it. Let us know if something wrong pops up!

Is there a guide to downloading via these two methods after we have bought the license?

I’m used to just downloading a zip and throwing it into my plugins directory for inclusion :slight_smile:

After the purchase head to this guide:

Then, after you download it, the next steps are pretty much the same as in the open source version. Should work out of the box if you place the code in your old directory.

thanks, I purchased one license. Everything works perfectly.

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