Copy and paste 3 special characters '<>&' problem

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  • About special 3 characters: <>&

If copy(ctrl+c) cell that has those special characters,
then paste(ctrl+v) on another cell
and those characters are changed to ‘<>&’

It happens only in case doing both copy and paste on the sheet.
If copying or pasting on another apps (like memopad) it has no problem.
Copy cell and paste into memopad, no problem,
Copy memopad text and paste into cell, no problem.

Hey @software1

everything is converted to a string (by default) if the cell is not marked as a number and the content is a number.

However, if you mean the quotes - I wasn’t able to replicate the sam eusingo our official example

Can you guide me on how to replicate it?

Hello. thanks for the comments!
I captured the screen on your link.
Copied ‘A1’ and pasted it to ‘A2’

You’re right.

I have replicated the issue on Windows 10/ Chrome 76.

<>& becomes &lt;&gt;&amp;

I see that this issue has been raised before but got fixed in v 0.13.1.

I have reopened the issue and will inform you as soon as we get this fixed.

Hey @software1

we just fixed in Handsontable 7.3.0 :slight_smile: