Copy-pasting value lists sometimes inserts extra space or carriage return

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Hi @aleksandra_budnik ,

When I am pasting values from excel to Handsontable , it is inserting some random space or next line.
For example , on pasting AddThis, Inc into the table sometimes it shows correctly and sometimes it converts it to

Please help me with some solution.

Hey @nitin.chauhan

do you use the latest version of Handsontable? We’re fixed an issue that sounds exactly like yours a month ago in v 7.1.0 (the latest).

Yes @aleksandra_budnik ,

I am using the latest version 7.1.0 of Handsontable but still getting the same issue.

an you please send me over a demo where the issue can be replicable?

Hi @aleksandra_budnik,

To reproduce this issue, copy these value :

AddThis, Inc




and paste in the Excel sheet and then copy from excel and paste to the table in the given link :

You will be able to reproduce this issue and can also refer to the video in the given link :

Sorry for keeping you waiting @nitin.chauhan

do you have any news on that issue or updates for the JSFiddle?

I have already shared the JSFiddle along with a video above to reproduce the error . Waiting for solution from your end.

I am sorry but I wasn’t able to replicate the issue. Can you load the video as a .gif or share it via YouTube? I don’t have a permission to open this file

I think that we can close the issue as there’s no response for more than 2 weeks.