Copying custom column output

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In our tables, we have a few non-editable cells at the beginning.


This is fine, but it seems that our custom “value” cell renderer doesn’t copy correctly (note the missing column):


The HTML output for the column is this:

<span class="symbol">${security.currency}</span><span class="value">${text}</span>

Is it possible when copying and pasting to:

  • include the values, in and out
  • exclude the values, in and out

We just want to find a consistency that we can work with.

Have looked into skipColumnOnPaste but it doesn’t seem to work.


Hey Dave,

so the Value column is empty and the values are 100% rendered?

You can use beforeCopy hook to modify the data (1 parameter)

You can splice it, add a new value and concat.

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I do love HoT!

I know there’s a bit of a learning curve, and it has its quirks, but most problems can be solved!

Thank you :slight_smile:

What would be even cool would be if beforeCopy was also a column setting, because we use a table factory and a column might never be in the same place or even exist.

I guess there’s nothing to stop me looking up a function on the original column settings object though!