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Hello, I have a problem when refresh the page with a table,
I have a button, it goes to a component on angular 11. When it comes from button the table is ok, but when I refresh that url I have the next error message:
My basic code .ts is:
export class HomeSupplierComponent implements OnInit {

lickey = '';


    data: Handsontable.default.helper.createSpreadsheetData(100,100),


    fixedColumnsLeft: 1,

    cells: (row, col) => {

      //let cp = {read};

      if(col === 0){

        //cp.readOnly = true


      //return cp




template .html
<hot-table [licenseKey]=“lickey” [settings]=settings>

I don’t know if I missed something

Hi @pochacamx,
Thank you for sharing the error and configuration, but I’m afraid it’s not enough to understand that problem.
Could you fork this example on codesandbox and adjust the code to allow us to reproduce and investigate the issue?

Hi @pochacamx

do we have any updates on the subject?

I’m closing this topic as there is no reply for a month.

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