CRUD, but after leave row

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I am studying CRUD.
I want to send the changes made in the cells while leaving that row. How to do it. Thank you

Hi @ibrahimnar

that part

while leaving that row.

is the one that I do not understand, but this tutorial is the once to follow for sending changes to the server

Ajax triggering when switching from one line to another:
based on the example
I made the example of

Can you check.

Thank you

Demo uses version pro/1.14.2 - is that a coincidence or this is your current version?
There’s an issue with the code - the reference to the table is incorrect.

If you have an Extended / Premium or Ultimate support plan I can ask our developers to rewrite it for you. I would just need to verify the licence ID (via emails

Version completely coincidence
We don’t have a license, we are just reviewing.

There is big data on oracle.
CRUD operations and speed are important.

Thank you.

Hey @ibrahimnar

what is the size of the table? In the example there are only 4 rows.

nestedObjects = [
            {id: 1, first: "Ted", last: "Right", address: "street"},
            {id: 2, first: "Jim", last: "O'Connel", address: "roat"},
            {id: 3, first: "Joan", last: "Well", address: "apt"},
            {id: 4, first: "Maria", last: "Rex", address: "room"}

If you would like to test it with a larger dataset I recommend those helpers

  • Handsontable.helper.createSpreadsheetData(1000, 100),
    (1000 rows and 100 columns od array of arrays)
  • Handsontable.helper.createSpreadsheetObjectData(1000, 100),
    (1000 rows and 100 columns od array of objects)

If you use those helpers on an empty instance (without any options) and you are satisfied with the performance you can move on with adding the options.

I can see that you are using the afterSelectionEnd and afterChange hooks. If you skip the ‘loadData’ source of the ‘afterChange’ hook data should load without any issues.

Hello aleksandra_budnik

There are many tables of different sizes.
It will be downloaded from the database according to the user’s choice.
Updating, adding and deleting will be done on the table.
The database and its tables are quite large.
There may be slowness. Handsontable tables are no problem.
I want to do db operations on row basis to avoid slowing down.

Thank You.

That is a wise choice. We expose many callbacks that will keep you updates about the actions done in the table.
What is the full list of requirements that you have to cover and haven’t done them yet?

Hello aleksandra_budnik;
Thank you so much.

I am writing the DB side to be able to complete the test.
Parameters, data types, xml, Oracle pl / sql packages, … etc.
My coding took too long. I can finish tomorrow.

There are already many features on the Handsontable grid side. (calculations, subtotals, …)
The first subject I will study:
1 - Open popup form while in cell and search live in DB.
2 - When the popup form is closed, write the search result in the cell next to it.

Good work.

I like the approaches you are taking.

If you’d find any difficulties caused by Handsontable please let me know.