Css and fixedColumnsLeft not working

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i am using this block of code to change the bg color of a single column :
.hot .ht_master td:nth-child(9){
background-color: #00614f !important;
the problem is that i want to change the color of a fixed column but its not working, styling is not working on fixed columns, another example:
.hot .ht_master tr:nth-child(2) > td {
color: #000 !important;
font-weight: bold;

the first x fixed columns doesn’t have styling and the rest have

I propose to use cells and define className If I load your settings and move the table styling moves with scroll.


as the elements in the DOM change their position.

If you set up styling via Handsontable settings you will keep it for a row, and not the the viewport row.

Example https://jsfiddle.net/mrh6kbou/

@aleksandra_budnik Thanks a lot for your fast reply , it works perfectly!

Great :slight_smile: I’m glad I could help.