Custom cell editor with a Modal popup for Angular11

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HI Team,
I’m doing a POC to check whether handsontable is the right fit for my migration. Im moving the kendo-spreadsheet to handsontable. There is one feature kendo provides “registerEditor” where you can have a custom cell with modal popup or any other control. I saw the custom cell editor feature that handsontable has, I’m looking for a similar one. Please let me know the feasibility if there is an option we would prefer to purchase the product.

Hi @abhilash.keerampara

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Would something like this work for you or you plan to open the window on cell click?

HI @aleksandra_budnik
Thanks for your response. Im looking for something similar to in Angular 11

We do not have a native double-click event but the easiest form would be to add a single click with a small delay to show what cell is selected like this one What do you think?

The popup Im looking for must be an angular component and get the data from there to cell. The sample is the perfect one with a custom cell editor but it’s in AngularJS but I’m looking for an Angular sample. If there is any such sample it will be a great help. Appreciate your support !!