Custom order of the Options in Custom Context Menu

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Hi there again,

I love the context menu, but I would like to control the order of which the options appear, instead of the automatic alphabetical sort. Do you know if this is possible?


Hi Marc,

You can define options in the array (if you do not use any self-made options).

contextMenu: ['row_above', 'row_below', 'remove_row']

Here’s a list of keys to use in a menu (mostly they also work for the dropdown menu).

Hey Aleksandra,

I am actually only using self-made options. Is it possible to custom order these?


Can you share the configuration that you use and described the desired result in details? I will help you to recreate the menu.

Feel free to close this for now, I ended up going a different route. Thank you though.

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Thank you for update. Closing.