Custom renderer not working on cells property

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Hi, I have to render grid based on the dynamic columns. I will be fetching info from the API, column header names, cell type and whether that column is required or not.
I have given a snippet below where I tried to use custom renderer to get the requirement.


  1. If the column is a required field then should highlight all the cells which are empty after clicking the submit button.
  2. Render types of cells like, checkbox, dropdown, multi-select dropdown.
  3. Get the grid data on click of submit button.

All these features should work together. Kindly revert asap.

Hi @prajakta.chari

To provide a code review service for a custom renderer, I need to confirm the level of your Support plan. Please provide your license ID or license holder email at

I do no have a license ID. Using ‘non-commercial-and-evaluation’ because I am working on a trial app. If I am able to meet these requirements, we will be considering to get the license plan.

Pre-sales support don’t cover custom code reviews.