Custom styling of checkbox in dropdown menu

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We use a custom renderer for our checkbox columns to style the checkboxes by hiding the default browser checkbox and using different images for checked and unchecked input values.

We are enabling the “filter by value” option in the dropdown menus. We would like the checkboxes there to match the styling of our checkbox columns. Is there a way to use a custom renderer for this component in the dropdown menu? Otherwise, from what I can find, there is no way to achieve this through pure CSS without modifying the HTML in some way.

Hi @bhatt.40

Without a demo, can be hard to find a solution.

So I highly recommend using CodeSandox or JSFiddle.
Below are base demos that you can use to pass your code

Thanks in advance.

Hey @bhatt.40
do we have any updates here?

OK, I guess that the problem might be called resolved. If you are still looking for an answer please create a follow-up topic or send me an email to