Data loaded using .loadData() removed after any setState({})

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Hi all,

I’m using handsontable in a react project.
I use .loadData() to have data in my hotTable instance in a fast way.
The problem is that all table data is removed after any this.setState({state: state}) in my view.

I’ve done the same using .setDataAtCell() and it solves the issue, but it renders so slow that is not an option.

Please, how do I have to become data persistent in my table instance after calling .loadData()?

Thanks in advance

Hi @between-services.ant
Your case’s next example to reproduce the problem I described here: Upgrade from 0.x to 9.x in react- filter and sort removing.

I can only suggest putting the wrapper into PureComponent or React.memo and communicate with Handsontable through its API (to track changes, apply new states etc.). At the moment, there is no other workaround.