Datepicker in handson table

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While using date picker, in handson table the text ‘Previous Month’ & ‘Next Month’ is going out of the calendar. Please help if there is any way to fix this. Attached the image for reference.


Hi @kalashrastogi4

How do you add those strings? Do you use ::after for the CSS element?

Hi Aleksandra,

Thanks for the response, I have not added any CSS. I just mentioned the type as Date for this particular column. And it is rendering like this only.

Can you please add your settings to this demo (by default no text is added to those arrow)

I don’t know by default what’s the setting. Looks like I did this using CSS only, I just whitened the text so its not showing now.
Thanks Aleksandra.:smile:
You can close this.

Thank you for the update. I’m glad that the case is solved :slight_smile:

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