DblClick router redirect " TypeError: Cannot read property 'indicator' of undefined"

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I have a little error with handsontable, getting Error " TypeError: Cannot read property ‘indicator’ of undefined" when trying to redirect user after dblclick.

Important note is that I only get the the error when table is horizontally scrolled:
Console empty with 0 horizontal scroll

Console with error with some horizontal scroll:

using router redirect: this.router.navigate([’/projects’, selectedProject.id, ‘edit’]);

It looks like it’s related to columnSorting plugin.

Can you share your setting in the CodeSandbox?

using table with hot-table tag in html all settings are inside there

Please re-attach the demo. This is what I send before.

You need to make sure you save (CTRL/CMD + S) the file once you have the dot on the file title


In index.html

and what do you have for clickHeader and removeFirstFilter ?

copied also to sandbox, but

removeFirstFilter(hotTable, columnIndex, columnHeaderElement) {
    if (columnHeaderElement.childElementCount < 2 && columnIndex === 0) {
      let divElement = (columnHeaderElement.childNodes[0]);

clickHeader = (hotTable, columnIndex, columnHeaderElement) => {
             if (columnHeaderElement.col < 0) {
                let row = Handsontable.hooks.run(hotTable, 'modifyRow', columnHeaderElement.row);
                this.loading = true;
                sessionStorage.setItem('scrollResourceTableTo', hotTable.getSourceDataAtRow(row).id);
                sessionStorage.setItem('resourcesRedirect', 'enabled');
                this.router.navigate(['/projects', hotTable.getSourceDataAtRow(row).id, 'edit']);

Hey @karl

Unfortunately, several methods are still missing like createButton or(dblclick) = "openProjectView". Please fill out your code in app/hello.compontent.ts with this angular demo - https://codesandbox.io/embed/setdataatcell-settimeout-e6g3f?fontsize=14&hidenavigation=1&theme=dark, click the Fork button in the upper right corner and send the link back.

I can’t put all the functions, since to policy. But main ones in hello.component.ts and hot-table html element moved to app.component.html

Hey @karl

Could you improve the demo so that it works and we can reproduce your problem?

There is a problem with
createButton = (index) => {
let hotInstance = this.hotTableRegisterer.getInstance(this.hotId);
return <button class="" style="height:100%; width: 90%; background-color: transparent; border: 1px solid #0097a0; color: #0097a0;">Edit</button>;

but since I can’t make it work in sandbox, can mark it closed.

thank you for the update.
If you’d have any other issues please feel free to contact us.