Differences in column widths between versions using stretch=all

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We are upgrading the Handsontable version for our application from 3.0 to 12.0, and we noticed the columns distribution is different when using stretchH: 'all', which is more visible in our tables.

In HT 12 the columns seems to be smaller.



Are there any documentation about it or anything we can do to keep the exact same distribution as before?

Hi @gabriel_vazquez

This value was changed somewhere around version 4-6. If you want to keep the exact width of the columns that you had in version 3 you can always customize them and set them to desirable width:

Thanks for the prompt response @adrian.szymanski,

Are there any reason why the columns ended up being different after that version? Is that associated to a specific change?

There isn’t a clear indicator in our release notes from that period, but during that time there were many changes in styling, so most definitely, that was design choice.