Disable choice in dropdown cell type by outside click

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Сan I disable choice in dropdown cell type by outside click? When the menu opens and if you then click outside of it, the value in the cell may change, can this be avoided?

Hi @dmitry.yudin95

we have a corresponding conversation on our Github board https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/4703 when I share some example workaround that may work for some of the users’ requirements.

ps. I will notify you once we provide an official fix for this behavior.

Ok, thanks

Hi @dmitry.yudin95

I have an update in the issue that we discussed.

This is the message from our developer

I think that it works that way by design. A dropdown editor once triggered is obligated to choose one of the values provided in the source array. To implement the behavior described in the issue I would recommend adding an empty string to the source array or using the Autocomplete editor with the filter: false option https://jsfiddle.net/97knwbxh/2/.

so the issue is more on the false documentation rather than on the implementation. At this time we can choose between the empty string in a list of options or on the autocomplete with filter: false.

I’m closing this issue as solved. However, if you would have any other questions please let me know at support@handsontable.com