Does anyone know how to get the data from a nested row?

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Hi There,

I have been trying to get the data from a nested row, while using the nested row plugin.

There is this plugin to get data: .getPlugin(“nestedRows”).dataManager however there isn’t any documentation…

What I want to achieve is to, for each row that has a nested row (child row), retrieve all of the children as an array.

Can anyone help?


Hi @marcelmrottmann

Nested rows plugin is marked as ALPHA version, so a lot can change. Its API is not stable yet.

However, you could use hot.getPlugin('nestedRows'); and you get a array of object. In __children property you get a nested rows for each row.

Do i need to specify anything hot2.getPlugin(“nestedRows”) doesn’t return anything, and gives the error: cannot read property children of undefined.

Other nestedRows functions do work

Without a demo, can be hard to find a solution.
Could you share with us your implementation?

Below are base demos that you can use to pass your code

Thanks in advance.

Here is a quick JSFiddle - see rows 8 and 9.

I cannot retrieve row 9 which is nested

You can easily retrieve data from the last row by hot.getPlugin('nestedRows'); as I said earlier. You have to choose the row index and inside it has a _children array.

Here is a screenshot from your demo:

Awesome, so it must be something else outside of that code throwing the error.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You welcome.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Got it working now! Thanks for your help again