Double-clicking fill handle - intermittent results

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Hi all / Aleksandra :slight_smile:

Could we have a bit of clarification / guidance on the column auto-fill please?

We find that double-clicking the cell handle doesn’t always work:

  1. if all the rows below the current row are empty, the auto-fill won’t work at all. Clicking A1 or B1 won’t fill:

  2. if a column has an empty run of cells, clicking an upper cell won’t fill that empty range if there is a cell containing a value after that range. Clicking A1 won’t fill but clicking B1 will fill:

  3. We have a couple of issues with other fill handles not working, but I can’t replicate this in a fiddle. Clicking Rate1 will not fill down:

    • image

It might just be that the logic in the auto fill plugin is configured this way, so perhaps we could folk and write our own plugin, or use afterOnCellCornerDblClick ?

If you could advise, that would be really useful.


To be honest I do not like the way the autofill works now, as you noticed it sometimes copies the values and sometimes not. But, unfortunately it’s the same way in Excel and Google Sheets

Notice the little square ( fill handle ) in the corner of the selected cell. You can drag it (drag-down) to repeat the values from the cell. Double click the fill handle in cell B4 (value “30”) to fill the selection down to the last value in neighbouring column, just like it would in Excel or Google Sheets.


If it doesn’t work you can:

  1. try to log the values (to check if it’s a true value and not just a result of a renderer)
  2. check the value of beforeAutofill hook

There are also many other hooks that are called in this situation. I like to use this demo to check what’s called.

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Hey Aleksandra,

Thanks for the input.

We’ll look to see what we can do with that information. I may be back with more questions!