Dropdown allows null while pasting

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Hi @aleksandra_budnik ,

While pasting it allows null and ’ ', Please help me to highlight the cell as error when I paste empty data

data: "Billable",
    type: "dropdown",
    className: "htLeft",
    source: ["Yes","No"],
    strict: true,
    allowInvalid: false,
    placeholder: 'No',
    validator: function (value, callback) {
      if(value=='Yes'||value=='No') {
        else {

Hi @vedaselvaraj27

Can you guide me on how do you add those empty values? Here https://jsfiddle.net/w7o2yuhq/3/ I have the same code as yours and it does not allow me to remove the value, autofill, or cut from the cell.

Hi @aleksandra_budnik
data: [
[‘Tesla’, 2017, ‘black’, ‘Yes’],
[‘Nissan’, 2018, ‘blue’, ’ '],
[‘Chrysler’, 2019, ‘yellow’, ‘’],
[‘Volvo’, 2020, ‘white’, ‘’]

Tried with this and it is accepting null

Handsontable does not validate cells upon data load. To do that you need to call the validateCells() method like in this demo https://jsfiddle.net/b6pu2yw5/