Dropdown UI in a row getting cut when height: "auto"

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I am using dropdown type in my handsontable, somehow I must have to use height:“auto” attribute, but when I use it, the dropdown gets fixed inside the table and is not fully visible as it was before the auto height.
It gets cut. You can see in the below jsFiddle link.
If the height: “auto” is removed, the dropdown UI is fine, but if it’s there, it gets cut down.

Please let me know the solution ASAP.

Hi @mehdiraza

The height: “auto” option might cause problems like this in some cases. We are aware of this issue we will work on fixing it in the future. For the time being we just not recommend using this option.

So any alternative to auto adjust the height, so that it doesn’t disturb the divs below it?

Hi @mehdiraza

Currently this is the only option that we have for auto adjustment.