Dynamic conditional formatting

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I am trying to apply conditional formatting to my table but having some issues.

I have seen the docs, but that only allows you to view the current cell value, however I would need access to another cell value.
Directly accessing data wouldnt work as I want the calculated value, not the value before its passed in (eg - I want 5, not =2+3)

Another issue, when I read the excel file through excelJS library, for conditional formatting it outputs an object which contains a formulae (as seen in the jsfiddle link), is there a way to parse that formulae to handsontable so it knows whether the condition has been met for a cell, so that we can apply the provided style accordingly

JSfiddle - https://jsfiddle.net/IshanZ/jqz352pa/1/

Hi @ishan.zuaim

The object you are getting in the example you sent won’t work with Handsontable. You would need to specify the data separately and then use the custom renderers to style the values, like in the example shown in docs.

Hi. I am closing this thread as there are no updates for 2 months.