Event for listen changes in the data as a whole and not individual cells

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Is there an event in handsontable that it is trigger with any change in the data (not only editions) but if I create a new row, or a new column I get the new data.
function beforeAnyChange(newData, sourceEvent) {


new Data is an array with the new model.
[[1, 2, 3]] -> [[1,2,3,4]]


Hey @eon258

each action has its own callback. All the above action trigger some list of same callbacks, but only dedicated callbacks can get you some real feedback on what’s changed.

The beforeChange/afterChange hooks are those who will inform you on data edit, erase, paste, load. You may also want to read more about afterLoadData.

Row/column creationg and deletion are handled by

If you want to check the whole list of callbacks and how/when they’re triggered I highly encourage to test the callbacks tutorial. You can find it here https://handsontable.com/docs/7.1.1/tutorial-using-callbacks.html

Hey @eon258

did you manage to pick a best callback set for your needs? If there’s something I can do to help please let me know.

I guess that it worked as there are no replies so I’m closing this topic.