Filter by Value bug and UX flaw

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Hi there,

I’ve came across a potential bug and UX flaw in HOT filters.

Bug: Filter by Value only works if you 1) deselect your filters 2) filter by value 3) select your filtered results, but not if you swap steps 1 & 2. This is a potential bug.

UX flaw: Users are trying to simply type a value into Filter by Value input and hit Apply, which would be preferred UX, but nothing happens instead, which makes the users assume the feature is not working completely.

For the end user, the feature simply doesn’t work and they are unable to figure out how to make it work, which makes this critical feature obsolete.

CODE: any instance of HOT will do, you can reproduce the issue on

Thanks and I’m looking forward to hearing back!

Thank you for sharing the demo and the description.

In the 2nd approach you get actually the same result as in the first one. And you are right it takes a few steps to get it done.

Here is a little snippet that you can use (starts in 31 line). It will automatically clear the filter_by_value list once the dropdown menu button is clicked.

Thanks Aleks, this solution makes it much better. Another question I wanted to follow up with, is there a way to use AND and OR filters in HOT?

The OR/AND option shows when you pick anything from the Filter by condition.

If you would like to do it programmatically then you call the addCondition method (tips and examples). Then you can combine filter_by_condition and filter_by_value.

If you need an option like that you can also create a custom dropdown menu option that uses the filter combination of your choice.