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Hey , I want to have just check box not search box in filter . Can you let me know How i can achieve that.
Thanks In advance!

Hi @dprcsingh

At the moment, this element is not configurable. However, you can create a custom dropdown menu option that will be built only from checkboxes and their values.
Here is an example of a custom dropdown menu. You can use any HTML in custom options (checkbox included).

Hey , @aleksandra_budnik, Is there any way to prevent refreshing of table on state change, Actually the filter fot reset when i change any state of the component.

Please Have a look into this .

Hey @dprcsingh

The state management is not fully supported. The issue is explained but detailed in this report
The main reason is the fact that we call the updateSettings method too many times. In the following report, we have a tip that the use of React.memo (if you are using React) helps to cooperate with those changes but it is something for each of the developers to test.

Hi @dprcsingh

I just wanted to ask if you made any changes regarding states or maybe used the memo?

Hey @aleksandra_budnik,

Can you tell me your timezone and your availability, I have few doubts and needs the resolution earlier.

  1. How to validate cell while we are using drag.
  2. whenever we are copying data from the excel sheet and pasting in handsontable column it is creating multiple rows which it is not needed.
  3. We have a table which takes 10 sec to render 1224 data and 30 columns. The column consist of calculation and validation.Is there any way we can reduce the rendering time.

We need some guidance and resolution as early as possible

We are available for Support calls between 8:00 am - 3:00 pm CET for customers with proper support plans (that we would need to discuss by email to confirm the plan and schedule a date that suits us both).

Answering the questions

  1. Dragging is an Autofill.fill source of change. Here you can find all the predefined string representations of sources of change.
  2. I propose to use the beforeCopy callback to check what is the format of the data that enters the table. Also, one thing to remember, Handsontable pastes only RAW data (without formatting and styling).
  3. Both validation and calculations are dynamic so they may cause a lot of calls to the Handsontable engine and the cell renderer. Usually, that causes issues with the performance. However, to determine what is the largest bottleneck in that cause we would need to proceed with a code review (which is also available without any additional costs for higher support plans).

Hi @aleksandra_budnik,
Thanks, But this information won’t help. My codebase is very large also . So any alternate solution like we can connect ?

What exactly does not meet your requirements? If you could send me more details I will do my best to help.

Hi @aleksandra_budnik

  1. I have validation on cell. for example there are 5 cells 2nd cell will be less than 3rd cell and greater than 1st cell and so on. When ever I am using drag the validation is not working.
  2. Can we proceed with the code review

I created an example that does what you said with checking if any next cell in the row is less than the cell before and at this does not seem to slow down the performance too much, so it has to be something else, or the dataset size is the reason. So yes, if you would like to request a code review, please send me an email to so we can discuss the details.

I am not able to get copy paste data in hot instance in validator method.

When ever I am pasting the data in handsontable I am not able to get data in getSourceData(), getData(), etc method.

Please send us the code of your validator. I will test the same on my device.

Thanks I got the solution.
There is another issue .

useEffect(() => {
if (dialogOpen) {
handsonRef?.current?.hotInstance?.addHook(‘beforeKeyDown’, (event) =>
} else {
}, [dialogOpen]);

In this I am able to add hook. but remove hook is not working

Hi @dprcsingh

The hook should be provided with a function that is triggered by addHook and the same function is removed via removeHook. Here is an example