Filter By value search box remove

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Hey , I want to have just check box not search box in filter . Can you let me know How i can achieve that.
Thanks In advance!

Hi @dprcsingh

At the moment, this element is not configurable. However, you can create a custom dropdown menu option that will be built only from checkboxes and their values.
Here is an example of a custom dropdown menu. You can use any HTML in custom options (checkbox included).

Hey , @aleksandra_budnik, Is there any way to prevent refreshing of table on state change, Actually the filter fot reset when i change any state of the component.

Please Have a look into this .

Hey @dprcsingh

The state management is not sully supported. The issue is explained but detailed in this report
The main reason is the fact that we call the updateSettings method too many times. In the following report, we have a tip that the use of React.memo (if you are using React) helps to cooperate with those changes but it is something for each of the developers to test.