Filter by value textbox is cleared

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I am working with the filter by text feature, but I think it has some issues yet.

This is how the issue is reproduced:


  1. The page is loaded and shows the Handsontable grid
  2. I filter by one column using the text field. Ex.: Novemver.
  3. Then, I choose some checkboxes and it refresh the grid.
  4. After that, I am trying to fix the first text I typed to change “Novemver” to “November”. For some reason, the second time the textbox is blank.

Thank you,

Hi @jlsuarezcabrera

I tried to reproduce your issue, but with no luck. Can you please modify this demo so it matches your configuration?


Thanks for the quick response. I think the error is reproduced in that demo as well.

This is how it is reproduced:

  1. Initial status

  2. Applying filters using the textbox and the checkboxes (I am searching for those that starts with “i”)

  1. Pressed clear, select “Ipsum” and OK
  2. The grid updates

  1. Press again the B colum filter and the textbox is cleared

I need to mention that in our implementation, we are clearing the checkboxes by default.

Thank you!

PD. If you see, the “i” is not anymore. So if we have a lot of options, it is sort of hard for users to remember what they have chosen before.

Hi @jlsuarezcabrera

Thank you for the step by step guide. I was able to reproduce the issue. However, we are not considering this behavior as a bug, because the filtering plugin was designed to match the industry standards. It behaves the same way in Excel, for example.

To achieve something like this you would need to modify Filters plugin, but this approach is not recommended as it might cause problems with other functionalities.

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All right, thanks!

I will try to convince some users or try to do a small implementation for that :slight_smile: Thanks!