FireFox scrollbar is under the fixedColumnsLeft and cannot be grabbed

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When using FixedColumnsLeft setting, scrollbar which overlaps the last row in FireFox hides behind the fixed column.

I have used below CSS to add padding-bottom so that scrollbar is visible. but It does not get selected in firefox if it is on FixedColumns side I guess thats because of z-index of fixedColumns…

@supports (-moz-appearance: none) {
       div.ht_master.handsontable.innerBorderLeft > div.wtHolder {
            padding-bottom: 15px !important;

Steps to reproduce

  1. open link in firefox and scroll


Here is demo link Sandbox

Your environment

  • React wrapper version: 11.1.0
  • Handsontable version: 11.1.0

Hi @jamshaidbutt055

I will close this issue, as it’s a duplicate of the one you reported here: