Formula feature state

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Aleksandra, hello.
I have a small (~1 year) vacations in my relationship with handsontable, now I get back and I would like to know: have you some improvements with formulas engine. I see still “alpha” status. Can you explain current status\your plans regarding this feature.

Hi @alikin.sergey

nice to see you back in the Handsontable deployment :slight_smile:

Yes, the plugin is alpha but we are working on a new engine for the formulas and this engine is something that can be really big. We have done the research with a group of mathematicians and it sounds like a great plan. However this project is complicated (we work with an external dev team) so it will take a couple of months to see the results.

Aleksandra, thanks.
Can I refine: is it formula engine what you told
If yes, how can I use it? Is it “injected” into Hot CE or I must to use it separately?
Thanks again.

The new formula engine is in preparation. We have started to work on it (actual coding) a month ago but it is a job for a year.
We have gathered experience of building formula logic from the parser (link) but it will be something completely different.

@aleksandra_budnik, thanks. Now I understand a situation and can go to code desktop app, I think when I will finish it you will finish new formula’s engine too.

Oh :slight_smile: I wish you a faster progress.