Formulas and Group rows

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Please help me with approximate dates when the stable version with formulas, planned to be rolled out.

Also, I was wondering if there is any feature for grouping rows, just like we create nested columns now. If not then are there any plans for releasing it in any future release.


Hi @arshekhar

we did not schedule it yet, but it’s one of our priorities for 2018

Thanks for your response aleksandra!

But, could you please clarify which one is on priority - stabilizing formulas or grouping rows?
Can we expect grouping rows feature to be rolled out sometime early 2018? If not then when can we expect this feature?


I do not have any news about grouping rows. The Formula Support is the priority for 2018. I really would like to tell you more but I do not know more than I have already told you.
You can check our Roadmap as it’s updated by our CEO and track release notes