Formulas are not calculated

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I’m using formulas in my table, but they’re not calculated. I’m using Angular and the sum-formula to calculate the sum over twelve months. I tried a recalculation with the functions from the formula-plugin, but it doesn’t work. Are there any other triggers I can try to make them work?


Hi @steffen.froehlich

Without a demo, can be hard to find a solution.
Can you show your implementation?

I highly recommend using CodeSandbox.
Here is a base Angular demo that you can use to pass your code -

Hi Piotr,

It’s hard for me to extract a small example of our table. We are using NestedRows with NestedHeaders and Formulas. Sorting and Filtering are disabled. After initial load I can see the formulas I define and after collapsing some rows, the formulas get adjusted to the changed row numbers. I can click on the cell with the formula and change something, so the cell shows ‘#ERROR’. After reverting my changes the fomula gets calculated and it shows the right value of the sum. I will try to make an example, but have you any ideas why the formulas are not calculated though?


It’s hard to say without the code.
Maybe try to use updateSettings options with your formulas.
Here is a link to updateSettins -

If you could extract your code and update this demo - - it will be the best option to work on your issue.

I managed to create a small exmaple which brings out the main point. In this example I’m using nestedRows, a dataobject with 3 levels and on each level a sum formula to calculate sum over twelve months. As you can see, the first row is calculated, but the others are not.

Thank you for your demo.

Unfortunately, I found a similar issue in our GitHub repo -

Admittedly we work on the new formula plugin based on the HypeerFormula engine - - but I’m not sure that this issue will be resolve.
I suppose that it strictly connected with nestedRows plugin and just like we warn on our docs This plugin is marked as ALPHA version and its API is not stable yet..

Thanks for your reply.

My bad, I didn’t see that. Is the new plugin already in developement? When can we expect a new version of the plugin?

Do you have any suggestions for a workaround?

It is hard to say.
We work on the engine itself and on the plugin at the same time. Both are in progress.

As a workaround, you could consider use the Column Summary plugin.
Here is a link to on our docs -
You should especially interest Providing the settings as a function section - - in which is showing you can calculate a total for a group in a group parent.

Ok I will try if this fits my case.

Thanks for your support!

Hey @steffen.froehlich

have you had a chance to test that approach?