Formulas work to a certain extent

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I would like that help me with this problem.

The problem is that formulas don’t work in some cells, the image show the problem.
It should be noted that I have created other tables and they work perfectly.

Very thanks


I think that this issue relates to the use of merged cells. Can you send me a demo where this issue can be replicable @valenciapipe1 ?

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Thanks for your prompt answer.

It could be because of the joined cells but I have other tables that have this type of configuration and they work correctly, below an image that proves it:

It should be noted that I tried without cell merge and it didn’t work

Here’s a demo that uses your dataset + mergedCells area and formulas. They seems to be calculated properly.
What other settings do you use for you cells?

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In this code is the settings that I use,
Is it wrongly configured?

Thanks for your answer

The issue is gone when you add all the missing keys (those used in columns settings) for dataTblCargue array of objects.

Please update me if it works in your project as well.

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I’m really grateful for your help in this problem, the problem finally is solved.
At one point it occurred to me that the problem arose from there but I put the keys as empty, example: fechaCargue: “”.

Thank you very much

de nada :slight_smile:

feel free to open a new ticket when you’ll need me.

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