Freeze Column does not change the table data sequence

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I have enabled the column freeze using manualColumnFreeze: true and enable option from context menu So when user click on freeze column option from context menu and unfreeze it then data Position changed but actual Data (getData() method) do not change when i call getData method
please help i need to get actual data updated based on freeze and unfreeze column

Hi @siddhantjain15298

This issue sounds like this one
Could you confirm? If not, please provide a demo where I will be able to replicate the bug.

Hi @aleksandra_budnik
Here I freeze the column O and now it becomes A But formula still showing =O1 +P1 here
Here is the demo:
can we have updated formula here by any chance like =A1+P1?

This behavior was changed in the latest version 12.4.0 - please test it now

Hi @aleksandra_budnik Yeah it’s working fine But the getSourceData() and many other methods and also I have checked the afterValidate function it also gives the old prop for the frozen column still has the same previous data after the column freeze how can we handle that?

Didn’t get response its been almost 24 hours?

Hi @siddhantjain15298

With all the urgent cases I recommend checking the Handsontable documentation. There is an annotation at the getSourceData() description that it does not show data after transformations (yellow part):

If you have a short deadline for a particular task/project please feel free to contact us at and provide your current support plan.

ps. could you share more details about what is set up in your afterValidate hook?

Hi @aleksandra_budnik
Yeah Sorry I totally forgot related to getSourceData()
But about afterValidate and after change whenever I freeze the column its position changes but the prop parameter in both methods still gives the old position of the column
please refer:

Please help how can we handle that?

I see. I understand the concern. I will check it with the team (that can take a couple of day maximum) and get back to you with the updates.

Yeah Sure
Thanks @aleksandra_budnik

Hi @siddhantjain15298

I just got confirmation from the dev team that the documentation is wring about the index type of the prop parameter in the afterValidate hook - it should be a physical index or property. I already reported that it has to be corrected in the docs.