Get current row in renderer when filtering data

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How can I access the source data for current row in renderer? row param returns the visualRow not the real row number (which is different if grid is filtered or sorted)


column Units is concatenated from currencyCode and USD. If you filter the grid it uses data from different row :frowning:

            renderer: (instance, td, row, col, prop, value, cellProperties) => {
                td.innerHTML = instance.getSourceDataAtRow(row).currencyCode + '/USD ' + value;

                return td;

Hi @dan

I’ve simplified the demo a bit but it gives the same result on filtering

My dataset


When I filter out EUR/USD


I get the misalignment of values.


What is happening here is calling the getSourceDataAtRow to share the value of a visual index of a row. Meaning, If I remove the row with index 0 (first one), next one (index 1) become visual index 0 so with your renderer it gets the value of EUR (currencyCode: ‘EUR’).

Can you tell me what you’d like to achieve in that renderer? The result of [EUR/USD EUR/USD] doesn’t seem to be an expected value in the first place.

This was just for demo. In my real situation I have a Name column and in the renderer I want to make <a href={Id column}>{Name column}

Would that meet your requirements?

yes thank you

Thank you for the update.
We can close this topic as solved.