Get filtered data source

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I am using React with handsontable, I have filters on, and I want to get the data after filtering. I used hook of addHook(‘afterFilter’, ()=> {} ) to try to get the filtered source data after filter changed.
I tried getData() which gives me plain data in the cell only (can get only what I can see on table), but I need the source data since it contains more meta data I want. I also tried getSourceData() but it gives me all the source data, not the data after filtering.

I found this post having same issue with me, I don’t find a solution there.



getData is dedicated to return the visible data (after filtering). getSourceData should return the data unmodified. If you have special need then I guess you will have to arrayFilter the sourceData on your own.

We want to review our data APIs, so if you have a good use case, please share.

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Thank you very much!