Getting clipboard text into Cell

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Hey their,

Consider i have copied some text from random source to the clipboard,
So if we give right-click and paste or Ctrl-V , so it will ges pasted to selected cell in hot,
Now, is their any way to make few columns consider 4 to 7 in hot, so if i select any cell(Single cell) in this range then the copied text should get populated into the selected cell only,
Can it possible?

Thank you

Hi @cadop16620

Technically, it is possible, but due to security reasons, the browsers don’t allow reading from the system clipboard, so you won’t have access to copied values. However, heres an example of the possible implementation (with simulated copied value):

Thank you, for response,

Yea checked this, its getting update the value, and i have to handle to get it from Clipboard, but due to permission its blocking as you have mentioned,

Any how Thanks for Response
Best regards