Getting Uncaught TypeError after implementing code from jsfiddle

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I implemented this code from jsfiddle and am getting the below error.
Uncaught TypeError: $container.handsontable is not a function

In jsfiddle this code is working but when I implement it in my code its giving error.

Hi @asma

That is an old Handsontable jQuery-dependent 1x version. What was your intention/requirements? Adding custom headers?

I want to pass primary id from database to the checkbox. On click of checkbox I want to dump data to console

If you want to keep extra information (as an ID) within a cell I propose to use cell metadata. Here is an example

Is it not possible to pass ID(int value) to checkbox. On click of checkbox I just want to fetch ID(int value)

That would require a custom cell type that holds the ID. Here is an example that can help. Does it work as expected?

No this is not what am looking for. Here is this link of what am trying to do

Am passing id to checkbox and it says #bad-value#


data type for checkbox is a boolean (true / false)


Maybe you wanted to use the active boolean key in the first column?

It isn’t working. It’s throwing below error
Uncaught ReferenceError: boolean is not defined"…
I implemented this code from jsfiddle you don’t have newer version of this same code?

Hi @aleksandra_budnik,
I want this code from jsfiddle working can you help me out in this?
My intention/requirement is in this code itself so please help me out with this. It would be really grateful of you.

What about this demo

The only line I have changed is the source of the data for the column to active from id

Visual representation of change (red dot)

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Okay sure thank you