Getting Value of cell, at specific column, Irrespective of its row

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Is it possible to retrive value of a cell, if i click on any row , but column should 4,

So for example i have [10x10] hotTable, then if I select row-4 and col-7 it should alert me the value present in 4th row and 4th column value, or if I select row-9 and col-2 it should alert the value present in 9th row and 4th column value

But, yea this col-7 or col-2 can be any column. And i have used div with its id to put the container of handsontable, like

var container = document.getElementById('article');

Hence column should be static, through javascript how can we implement this?

Thank you

Hi @cadop16620

Yes, it is possible. Here’s an example of how it can be done:

Thanks for reply, It worked, and one small conflict is, like after updating whenever i clicked other column also, though its getting the proper data, but it should not (I didn’t mentioned in my issue), so post update with if condition like below got the exact requirement:

if(coords.col == 3){
    console.log(this.getDataAtCell(coords.row, 3))

Thank you very much.

I’m glad that this solution worked for you. I will close this topic now.