[GH #1406] React 18 Handsontable flickering while scrolling

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Hi HoT team

I tried to upgrade my app to use React 18 and also the using HotColumn component. I have a column that uses custom renderer. Everytime I scroll, these component flickers.

Pretty much the same with your demo: https://codesandbox.io/s/handsontable-data-grid-v13-0-0-react-demo-mlwqq7?from-embed

try to scroll and check the stars and progress bar flickers as well.

I’m curious if you know how to resolve this.

Thank you,

Hi @r.evangelio

Thank you for reporting this. Before we will have fix for this the workaround would be to set renderAllRows option to true which disabled row virtualization. Then the flickering is gone.

@adrian.szymanski but will renderAllRows affect the performance of the table? just imagine if we have 10k plus rows and doesn’t have row virtualisation.


That’s true, it might have negative impact on performance with larger datasets, but for now that’s the only workaround we have for this issue.