[GH #5112] Column Freeze + Sorting

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It appears that when both freezing / sorting are enabled, freezing loses its desired functionality. That is, it starts to freeze the left-most unfrozen column instead of the one you clicked on. Here is a fiddle:


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Hey @mike

Thank you for sharing. I have replicated the issue using latest version as well (7.0.3).

This issue should get solve after we add the global index mapper https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/5112

I will update you as soon as we get this done and we’ll check if it solves the freezing issue.

same issue here - thanks, good to know it’s being sorted out. When do we expect issue 5112 to be resolved?

ie, this month, next month, next quarter, next year?

Hey Allan.

That’s a work in progress. One of our developer’s is doing nothing else than the mapper. We’ve already have the structure and it is working great for our four main plugins. We should be able to push the changes in July.