[GH #5633] Headers not scrolling with columns (Help Request with using Handsontable in Obsidian Plugin)

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I feel like it’s a long-shot asking for help here when I’m pretty sure Handsontable isn’t the problem here, and most of you likely won’t be familiar with the Obsidian note-taking app.

I’m trying to build a plugin to view CSV files, utilizing handsontable as the grid view of the data and it works very well apart from the fact that handsontable doesn’t seem to pick up on the scrolling.

The headers remain frozen in place when scrolling horizontally, and on large data sets past a certain point none of the data shows up. I’m assuming this is to do with handsontable’s optimisations (and in fact if I turn renderAllRows on, then all rows are visible on those larger data sets, but performance gets poor and the headers are still frozen)

I’ve done some testing and I can’t seem to reproduce the issue outside of the Obsidian environment, so I’m pretty sure there’s something conflicting in Obsidian itself (or electron, maybe?).

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Or could offer me suggestions of things to try to help narrow down and eventually solve this issue?

Hi @death.au

Sorry for keeping you waiting.

We do not have official support for Obsydian. But this issue looks like something we had with Observable. Let me gather some research and get back to you next week.

Thanks @aleksandra_budnik, I figured this might be a long shot.

However I did some more digging on my own, and I think I found the actual issue. It seems related to this:

And the workaround listed there in the first reply seems to have resolved the issue for me for now.
I’ve also subscribed to the issue on GitHub for further updates, so unless there’s other news about this issue, it should be okay to close this thread.

Yes, so this is the task we had with Observable.
I’m glad that the workaround works well. This way we’ll be able to cover two great tools with a one official fix.

I will also make myself a note to notify you once we release a version with https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/5633 fixed.