[GH #6014] How do I disable the drag copy for cells

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How can I disable this:

I’ve tried without success

    cells: ((row, col) => {
      var cellProp = { fillHandle: true, copyable: true};
      if (row > 5) {
        cellProp.fillHandle = false;
        cellProp.copyable = false;
      return cellProp;

Kind Regards

Ben Warren

Good day Ben,

it should be fillHandle: false https://jsfiddle.net/handsoncode/q93c5nrx/ but it doesn’t seem to be an option for lower structures (rows, columns, cells)

Hi aleksandra_budnik

Thank you

Is this likely to be changed ?

I have reported this idea on our Github board https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/6014

I’ll let you know once it gets picked up.

Do we have any updates for this feature? I’d like to hide for specific rows or cell

Hi @elecwebmaker

nowadays the hooks for autofill seem more powerful. Could you describe your use case?

My use case is I’d like to hide fill handle for readonly cell. we currently be able to set read only cell but fill handle is still show. Can we config to hide for readonly row ? (or by row index)

No, the fillhandle rectangle icon will still show. What you can do:

  1. Block the action on given cell coordinates via beforeAutofill hook
  2. Block the afterOnCellMouseDown selection that shows the fillhandle, like here https://jsfiddle.net/e7krLc5u/ based on the cell value (cell coordinates are not available)
  3. Proceed as in option 1 but via beforeChange hook