[GH #6392] Selection box border disappearing / thinning

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I have an issue where the selection box border sometimes disappear or is thinner than expected. This happens all the time in cells that are adjacent to frozen columns / rows


This is just a normal cell not adjacent to any frozen columns / rows and only happens to certain rows


Thank you.

Hi @prakoso.santoso
Thank you for your reporting. This behavior is an effect of our overlays architecture. Fixed/frozen parts covers non-fixed (non-frozen) cells. The current overlays’ covering order is as follow:

  • bottom-left-corner
  • top-left-corner
  • left
  • bottom
  • top
  • rest cells
    We reported that problem on our issue board here: https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/6392.
    At the moment, unfortunately, we have no workaround.
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    Thank you for your involvement!

Hi @piotr.laszczkowski,

Thank you, we will wait for a possible fix in the future then.