[GH #6553] Merge header row

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I am tried to merge the header row. is there anyone, to help me how to merge header row.

nestedHeaders: [

[{label:‘選択’,rowspan:2},{label:‘倉庫’,rowspan:2},{label:‘出荷指示日’,rowspan:2},{label:‘作業状況’,rowspan:2},‘指示回数’,‘バッチ番号’,‘バッチ名称’,‘納品先数’,‘行数’,{label: ‘出庫指示数’, colspan: 3},{label: ‘出庫数’, colspan: 3}],

[’’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’,{label: ‘ケース数’,colspan: 1},{label: ‘バラ数’,colspan: 1},{label: ‘総バラ数’,colspan: 1},{label: ‘ケース数’,colspan: 1},{label: ‘バラ数’,colspan: 1},{label: ‘総バラ数’,colspan: 1}],

actually, need a two row convert into the one row. But in this code doesnot work. please, is there anyone give me a solution.

Hi @nuru.miju

do you get a similiar issue like here https://jsfiddle.net/zx1wutvp/
with [object object]?

Hi,aleksandra_budnik .
Thanks a lot for your response. Actually, I need a two-row converted one row. But you did two colspan. I need two rowspan. how could I use rowspan.

nestedHeaders do not support rowspan, only colspan at the moment.
I will update you once we add this functionality, which has been reported officially on our Github board https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/6553