[GH 7566] [React] Removal of dynamic HotColumns

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I have a table that user can adjust the number of columns.

It was initially built with handsontable (javascript) and it works fine with adding or removing columns

Recently, I tried to convert the table using @handsontable/react and I found out adding works fine but removing the columns breaks the UI.

Then I found this posting dated back in Jun 2022.

Is this still an issue or is there any new development or work around or anything in roadmap?

Thank you.

Hi @george1

It seems that this is the issue https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/7566
It is still open, as some Clients just skip HotColumn definition and use the table one.

However, I will suggest raising its priority.

Could you elaborate more on what you meant by “skip HotColumn definition and use the table one”.

Is there a way, I can Mix HotColumn and regular columns and if so, could you share a example?
I would like to define the first column to have React header style using HotColumn renderder and rest should be just data. that can be added or shrink later at time. However, I could not figure out the way to use only one HotColumn.

And lastly, how can I raise the priority for this issue?

Skipping in a way that you could use the API

in the main component. The columns is an equivalent of the HotColumn component in a way that it shouldn’t be hard to switch to it when you already have your logic applied per column. An alternative is cells option that also allows to define settings per row.

If you could send over your current implementation and the list of requirements, I can assist with the necessary changes. You don’t have to post it here on the forum; you can email it to me at support@handsontable.com.

Regarding the issue priority, it’s currently set to ‘medium.’ We’re mainly concentrating on the Accessibility project, and we’ll be releasing a new major version in the next two weeks (Accessibility part 1). However, if you could provide your current support plan and the mentioned configuration, I’ll check if there’s anything we can do to bump up the priority.

Something like this.

column counts can start from 2 and the user can increase or decrease the number.
But the column only grew and does not truncate.

In this case, when we omit the HotColumn component addition, you should alter the settings variable instead, or settings.columns - as it will be easier to update. Then when you update you should call the method to update the settings in the table.


The columns option is an array of objects. In this case so you can use similar logic with setting columns to an empty array and using push() as many times as defined in the input.

If you’d have any issues with the demo please share your license ID or license email holder at support@handsontable.com so we will be able to create a custom demo for you.

I shared my license id more than a week ago and have not heard anything yet.
Could you share the status of the custom demo?

Hi @george1

Aleksandra is out of the office today. Did you send your license ID on the e-mail she provided?

yes sent to support@handsontable.com

Hi @george1

Thank you for the information. It seems we didn’t get it, as we are not able to find it anywhere. Can you please send it again?

sent it again

Thank you @george1

I resend my email from my named account. It seems that the main support one ended up in spam.

I will close this thread and we can continue on emails.