[GH #8414] Touch events not working in HTML renderer in Chrome on iPad [Angular - 9.0.1]

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We use handsontable in an Angular app, using HTML templates to create cell renderers with various elements. These elements all work in Chrome with disableVisualSelection set to true on desktop, but not on an iPad. Even with visual selection enabled, it seems most elements are unreactive.

It seems that with visual selection disabled, the elements are untouchable on any mobile browser, though for our purposes it would be great if we could make them work.


Hi @tucker,
Unfortunately, this is a general problem with supporting touch/click events on mobile/touch devices. I described that problem on our issue board on Github. If you would like to stay up-to-date on work progress, please track #8414.

@piotr.laszczkowski thanks for the response, tracking that issue now! Though even with disableVisualSelection set to false, we’re still not able to interact with most HTML elements in the cells. Is this the same issue, separate, or an implementation error?

I’m pretty sure. I investigated that issue and in my opinion the problem is somewhere in the event propagation. Perhaps we might use your case as a test scenario. This should guarantee prevention against regressions in touch events propagation.