[GH #8847] Issue with fixedRowsTop and fixedColumnsLeft

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Hello! I’m having an issue and I would like to know what am I doing wrong or, if it is actually an issue, if there’s any workaround to solve this.


1 - Right click cell B1 and select freeze panes
2 - Scroll up and down (First row and first column are fixed)
3 - Delete the fixed row
4 - Right click and select unfreeze panes
5 - Right click cell B1 and select freeze panes
6 - Scroll up and down (First row is not fixed)

The same issue is reproducible with columns, but instead of delete the fixed row, delete the fixed column.

Hi @nathalia.pissuti

What exactly you would like to achieve here? Do you always what to freeze the first column even if a user chooses another one to be frozen?

Hi, no.
What I want is that freeze works after the user remove a freeze row, unfreeze and freeze again, because in this case the rows aren’t freeze again.
One more thing, it seems that after remove a row/column inside freeze, it doesn’t unfreeze when fixedRowsTop and fixedColumnsLeft are set to 0 again.

I’ve record this video to show the issue:


Here I have a demo that should work well https://jsfiddle.net/58rz76uh/
Does it work as you wanted?

The problem is related to delete a freeze row/col, in your demo is not possible to do it.

I change your demo, so I could delete a row/col and the bug still reproduces.



Thank you for the video. I see what you mean. Even though we can the updateSettings() method to set up the fixedRowsTop to 0 the fixed row remains on the top.
I do not see this issue being reported on the Github board so I will investigate it and share my feedback soon (possibly tomorrow).

Thank you, I’ll be waiting for your feedback :smiley:

Hi @thiagarajan

It has to be a specific case. Here https://jsfiddle.net/2sLnc43f/6/ it works well.
I will investigate the issue further and post it on the official Github issue board.

The specific case is when the rows are freeze and the user delete one of those freeze rows.

I changed your sample to delete one row programmatically and the issue is reproduced.


thank you for helping me investigate this case @thiagarajan

I reported it on the Github issue board https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/8847 and will inform you and @nathalia.pissuti upon update

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Thank you!