[GH #990] `colWidths` doesn't work on large labels

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colWidths doesn’t work on large labels, I add the columns from the server side and I would like them all to have a width of 60px, but that’s not what happens.

when I say I want it in 60px, it’s not cutting the name, but making the words skip lines, to fit in that space

Here is an example of the error: http://jsfiddle.net/9w5oufmb/9/

anyone can help me pls

Hi @guilherme.farias

Sorry for the delay. We are investigating this case and will come back to you shortly.

Thanks a lot Aleksandra, I made another example trying to use pure css to try to solve the problem, but it still doesn’t work :sob:

demo: http://jsfiddle.net/mw6kap2e/1/

It is related to the use of the nestedHeaders. I asked our dev team to determine the use of useHeaders (from autoColumnSize) for the nestedHeaders. The useHeaders: false is the option to use if you’d like to ignore column header label to count column width. However, I do not see this option being available when we use nestedHeaders is favor of colHeaders.

I should get the feedback from the devs till the end of this week.

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Hi @guilherme.farias

I just got confirmation from the team that the support for useHeaders was out of scope for the nestedHeaders. I will report that as a feature request and notify once we add it.

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That would be great to have. I’m interested in this too.


Thanks for the update, and I’m looking forward to the feature.

Is there any temporary way to work? I don’t know, maybe injecting CSS or injecting some JS?

Thank you again

Yes, there is a CSS way.

  1. Truncation
    06 12

  2. Wrapping
    58 06

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A problem arose, I’m going to use two tables on a screen, so I wanted to apply this CSS to just one of the tables, when I put it inside a div with .some-class, a strange margin appears that doesn’t let me set the size as before:

demo: http://jsfiddle.net/2wkoexvj/1/


  • There is an orange margin that I don’t know who is giving it
  • There is a spacing (painted in green and yellow)
  • It only happens when I add a class in the css selector

It looks like it’s a conflict between your CSS settings. Can you tell me what are the requirements for the CSS besides those that we defined for the wrapped class?

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It has to be:

  • 60px width (all columns including the server side);
  • Wrapped text when it doesn’t fit the size;
  • Header Centered horizontally and vertically;
  • padding: 5px 4px 0;

These rules must be applied specifically to a single table (this screen has at least 4 tables with different styles, but this is the only one that is difficult).

The .some-class class is an attempt to specify css, it has no base css.

And seriously, thank you so much for all the support <3

That’s a strange behavior. Here http://jsfiddle.net/Lve718qu/1/ once I add the #example to the CSS element description table creates that gap in the header. I would need to consult with our CTO. Please give me a couple of days.

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I got a partial workaround for that here http://jsfiddle.net/y9egb104/ where I set 60px for the #example. Not sure if that would work for your project but we have something. I should get feedback from our CTO next week.

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